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Classroom Management, Effective Instruction, and Student Motivation:

The Keys to Raising Student Achievement

Join Mark as he shows you how to develop the ultimate environment for success. Learn proven teaching strategies and classroom management techniques that encourage ALL students to work hard, behave appropriately, and be successful in school. Mark will also demonstrate specific ways to increase student participation in class and reduce student apathy. Educators of all grades will benefit from the sharing of proactive strategies that create a safe, orderly, and on-task classroom environment. Through interactive team-building activities, role-playing real classroom scenarios, group sharing, and guided handouts, educators will leave this memorable workshop excited to get back in the classroom and with many tools to raise student achievement. Mark's focus on building relationships to raise student motivation will inspire participants to make deposits in the lives of their students, their colleagues, and even in their personal lives.

Don't miss this life changing experience!

Topics to be Addressed:

  • Classroom Management Strategies to Maximize Academic Learning Time

  • Effective Teaching Strategies to Raise Student Achievement

  • Developing a Positive Learning Environment

  • Powerful Strategies for Motivating Today's Students

  • Teacher Motivation


Mark McLeod

Mark is available for keynotes, half-day, full-day, or multiple day workshops, and long term on-site consulting and classroom observations. His workshops are designed for all educators, including teachers K-12, teaching assistants and support staff, administrators, first year teachers, and alternate route teachers. Continue reading for details on his most requested presentation. 

This was absolutely the best workshop I have ever attended. We got practical information that we can and WILL really use. This is the "shot in the arm" that all teachers need from time-to-time. It makes me remember why I chose this profession.

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